Planted Arrangements 

Phaleonopsis Orchid and Pussy Willow Vase

If you are looking for a long lasting and elaborate gift, look no further! This Arrangement features lovely Phaleonopsis Orchid plants which are enhanced with our curled Pussy Willow in a tall and modern container like photograph.  


Price: £110.00

Phaleonopsis Orchid in Bark Pot

This simple and beautiful Arrangement features a large Phaleonopsis Orchid plant (other colours available) in a bark pot.  Long lasting and elegant, this Arrangement would fit in most interiors.


Price: £40.00

Stephanotis Heart in Mock Bark Pot

This beautiful planted arrangement has been fashioned using a hand made pussy willow heart frame and beautiful, scented stephanotis plants in a bark style concrete pot.  Standing at approximately 80 cm tall, this arrangement makes for big, romantic impact.


Price: £75.00


Phaleonopsis and Stephanotis Plants in Art Deco Container

This lovely combination features a large Phaleonopsis orchid and scented Stephanotis.  Planted in two regions in the pot - this arrangement allows for two very different plants to exist together through the watering of different areas.  Finished with pussy willow and a gorgeous pot, this design would be fabulous for those who want more than just an orchid plant.


Price: £65.00

Phaleonopsis and Stephanotis Display in Large Beautiful Pot

An elegant and long lasting display of Phaleonopsis Orchids and Stephanotis in one of our beautiful, large pots. 


Price: £125.00 

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