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Vanda and Dianthus Bouquet


A bouquet featuring a controversial blend of exotic Vanda Orchid and classic Dianthus... Very long lasting and very different! Available in a huge selection of colours.  Please call our florists to check our stock, or perhaps order you own unusual colour mix.  


Small: £25.00 (including 5x Vanda Orchid heads and 5x Dianthus)

Medium: £45.00 (including 10x Vanda Orchid heads and 10x Dianthus) PICTURED

Large: £65.00 (inlcluding 15x Vanda Orchid heads and 15x Dianthus)

Rose Bouquet with compliments...


A bouquet featuring high quality, large headed Roses, a seasonal complimentary filler flower of our choice and a selection of beautiful foliage.  Available in a vast array of gorgeous colours. Please call to find out what we have in stock.  Alternatively, with a little notice, we can order specific colours for a later date.  Presented in a beautiful gift bag.  


Please call for pricing, as normal price is affected by Valentines Day.

Lily Bouquet with compliments...

A bouquet featuring long stemmed Lilies in pinks and whites, with a seasonal filler flower and long stemmed foliage.  Available with full length stems (At least 1 meter long!) or in one of our gift bags in water (as photograph).  Either way, this makes a stand out gift.  Please specify the colours of the Lilies with one of our florists over the phone or by email.  


Small: £30.00 (including 4 x Lilies plus extra flower)

Medium: £50.00 (including 6 x Lilies plus extra flower) PICTURED

Large: £70.00 (including 8 x Lilies plus extra flower)

Calla Lily Bouquet

A bouquet featuring elegant Calla Lilies, enhanced with structural foliage.  Simple in design, but powerful in impact!  Available in a vast array of glorious colours.  Please ask out florists to find out more.  


Small: £27.50 (including 10 x Calla Lilies)

Medium: £40.00 (including 15 x Calla Lilies)

Large: £55.00 (including 20 x Calla Lilies)

Mixed Roses Bouquet


A bouquest using a mix of Ecuadorian, large-headed and long-lasting roses of our choice, complimented with seasonal foliage.  


Please call for pricing, as normal price is affected by Valentines Day


Lilies and Roses Bouquet

A traditional and classic bouquet featuring Roses, Spray Roses and strongly scented Lilies.  Available in white or pink.  


Small: £30.00 (including 3 x Lilies, 3 x Roses and 3 x Spray Roses)

Medium: £50.00 (including 5 x Lilies, 5 x Roses and 5 x Spray Roses)

Large: £70.00 (including 7 x Lilies, 7 x Roses and 7 x Spray Roses)


Gerbera Bouquet

A bright and happy mix of Gerberas.  Finished with modern foliage and presented in a gift bag.  


Small: £25.00 (including 9 x Gerberas)

Medium: £30.00 (including 12 x Gerberas) PICTURED

Large: £35.00 (including 18 x Gerberas)

If you choose to order from any of our flower collections, we will endeavour to create the bouquet as true to the picture as possible.  Substitutions may need be made due to seasonal availibility especially if you require same day delivery.  


For specific orders, please allow for for a couple of days days for us to order these flowers in.


High times such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day and Christmas will affect prices shown.  Please see our relevant pages which will be available closer to the dates mentioned  

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